Symbium ACCESS 70+10L trekking backpack: Quechua's most comfortable backpack

    Designed for Hikers who need a very comfortable backpack for trekking while carrying heavy loads.

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    Characteristics Designed for Hikers who need a very comfortable backpack for trekking while carrying heavy loads.
    Product Benefits
    1. Capacity
      a main 70L bag and a 10L pocket on top of this.Weight: 2.850kg
    2. Multiple compartments
      Multiple compartments
      Pockets: 3 ext, 1 int, 2 belt. Pole/ice axe loops. Access via base, compartments
    3. Carrying comfort
      Foam for ventilation and comfort for masculine body shape: symbium technology
    4. Durability
      10-year guarantee
    5. Environmental impact
      Environmental impact
      Life cycle comparison: Backpack -
    • Duration
      Over 3 days
    • Volume
      80 L
    • Comfort
      Ultra comfort back
    • Adjustment
      Adjustable back + Symbium
    • Water bladder
    • Rain cover
      Built in
    Product feature
    1. The Symbium Access system
      The Symbium Access combines the advantages of the Symbium system that enables freedom of movement thanks to the waist adjustment around the lumbar region. it is also equipped with the Access System: 1 pocket that can be easily moved to the front of the upper body: providing easy access to many items while walking, possibility of reading a map easily. This also allows you to shift some of the weight to the front, helps the hiker to have a straighter back and a more normal stance.
    2. Backpack technical tests.
      Backpack components are approved in laboratory tests, including fabric, buckles, webbing, foam, zips,etc. Fabrics are tested for resistance to wear, tearing, colour-fastness in UV rays, washing, waterproofing, etc. A final test on the finished product simulates the kind of treatment to which it will be subjected over several years, to assess the strength of the assembly: The backpack is weighted, then placed on a dummy which reproduces the movement of fast walking through thousands of cycles.
    3. 10-year technical partnership guarantee
      The Strenfit component brand, Quechua's partner for researching and testing its components and assemblies, conducted tests simulating backpack ageing. The tests focused on components, seams and the end product. The results enable Quechua and Strenfit to guarantee the tested bags for 10 years from the purchase date provide on the till receipt.
    4. 10-year guarantee, conditions
      The guarantee covers any backpack faults, except those caused by normal wear and tear and improper use. This special 10-year guarantee will only be granted upon presentation of the product and sales receipt. If the product is under guarantee, it will be repaired or exchanged for free. This commercial guarantee does not affect any statutory guarantees that are applicable in the country of purchase.
    5. How is backpack volume measured?
      The volume of each backpack is measured using a standardised method: we fill the main compartment as well as each pocket with little balls. Then we empty these balls into a graduated container, which gives the equivalent volume in litres, with a margin of a few %. The weight indicated is that of our benchmark sample. There may be slight variations.
    6. How to adjust your backpack?
      FIRST, LOOSEN all straps (shoulder straps, belt, load adjuster straps). PUT THE BACKPACK ON. For backpacks with a capacity of 50 L or more, PLACE THE HIP BELT CORRECTLY (it should sit over the pelvis) and TIGHTEN IT. For smaller backpacks, the hip belt should be placed around the waist. TIGHTEN THE SHOULDER STRAPS. Finally, ADJUST THE LOAD ADJUSTER STRAPS as needed.
    7. Adjusting your backpack height?
      Set the bag for the height you think will be correct and then adjust it (see. "Adjusting your backpack"). With the belt on your pelvis, put the straps around the front part of your shoulders and the load adjuster straps (which are sometimes also height-adjustable) at an angle of around 45° (they should never be horizontal or vertical). When trying it on, if the back seems too short or too long, readjust and try again until you are satisfied.
    8. How to pack a backpack?
      How to pack a backpack?Put your bedding at the bottom. Put heavy gear (tent, camp stove, food) near the back. Pack your clothes around these items. and the tent beneath the pack if there is no space inside. Keep a rainproof jacket and fleece close at hand. Place small items for daily use (sun cream, map, glasses etc.) in the pockets. Put the water bladder in the compartment provided
    9. A score for comparing products' environmental impact
      The product's environmental impact is calculated across its entire life cycle using different indicators. An overall ABCDE score is attributed to help you more readily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing the same type of product (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.) Decathlon is voluntarily committed to visually displaying environmental information. For more information visit:
    10. How to pack a backpack?
      Put your bedding at the bottom. Put heavy gear (tent, camp stove, food) near the back. Pack your clothes around these items. and the tent beneath the pack if there is no space inside. Keep a rainproof jacket and fleece close at hand. Place small items for daily use (sun cream, map, glasses etc.) in the pockets. If carrying a hydration pack (water bladder), this should be placed in its special pocket along the back.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Yoke : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
    2. Storage advice
      Store your bag in a dry place.
    3. Cleaning advice
      To ensure materials retain their properties (especially waterproofing), we recommend you do not machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or bleach your backpack. Do not iron. To clean your backpack by hand, use warm soapy water and a brush if needed. After a
    4. Product restrictions
      Please check in stores if you are a small size
    5. Product catchline
      A trekking backpack, with maximum wearing comfort: symbium concept: adapts to walkers' movements and prevents the backpack swaying. Very practical access pocket.
    6. Lab tested
      All our backpacks are tested in the field by users who represent the target market under conditions identical to those found in typical use. Our Field Test Missions team up our product managers with people not affiliated with QUECHUA to test, improve and
    Product reviews
    3.8 / 5
    8 reviews
    8 users recommend this product
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    • Innovative. Very comfortable. Better guidance req

      simon (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Its complicated. There are a lot of features that work together to make the bag really comfortable. It took me a while to figure it out but when you you do, it works really well. After pouring a glass of water over it....yes its waterproof....apart from the zips....but that was after pooled water on them for 30mins. The top bit again takes some getting used to but is great for putting a camera in for v quick access on the go. Plastic map holder on the underside is genius. The side pockets work really well and are huge. 4th rucksack. Most comfy. Most useful features. Great companion
      Sturdy frame. Snug fit. V adjustable.
      High adjuster needs a knot in it to stop slippage.
    • A Good back pack which could have been the Best

      Sankalp (India)
      Used for 7 to 12 months
      This is a good back with good amount of space.
      The material is very tough
      All accessible pockets are placed well
      Backpack is really comfortable on shoulders

      The concerns I have
      The bag slides down the waist sometime
      The height adjuster doesn't stay constant
      If you set to particular height, it changes and goes to a higher one because of which the bag slides down the waist.

      I haven't checked the waterproofing quality yet

      Overall its a good back pack which could have been the best
      This is a good back with good amount of space. The
      The bag slides down the waist sometime The height
    • Crappy Bag, crappy customer service

      apoorv (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      In life, I have made many mistakes, but nothing comes close to buying the 'SYMBIUM ACCESS 70+10L MEN HIKING BACKPACK NAVY BLUE'.

      I will tell you why:

      1) The entire phenomenon of 'Symbium Access' is flawed, the lower centre where the strap is placed can only be adjusted in one direction, that is downwards. If you want the entire shoulder strap to be fixed at a stationary upward position, you can't. The moment you'll start with your trek, it'll start to jerk your back, and in a matter of seconds will loosen up while descending.

      2) The upper portion (the 10L bag) that is attached at the top, which can be brought in front; is supported by elastic that keeps on shuffling with each and every movement while trekking, making the walk almost impossible owing to its excessive weight. The only way out is to forcibly, bring it to the front and attach it to the clip on the waist and ensure that you keep the pocket(10 L bag) empty.

      3) Last, but definitely not the least is the 'waterproofing', there is practically nothing preventing the clothes inside. In a matter of 8-12 minutes of light rain, the only time I took to put on the cover to protect the bag, the clothes were drenched, and I literally mean 'drenched', not moist. I was surprised at the end of the trek when I opened the rucksack and saw that most of my clothes were wet and there was practically nothing for me to change.
      far too many to count
      Response of the brand
      Hi Apoorv,

      Thank you for taking time in reviewing the Symbium Access Backpack. I am sorry to hear that you found the backpack uncomfortable.
      At Quechua, our products are always focused on the user's needs and feedback. We develop, create and test the products in the field with users and experts, along with the standard laboratory testing. Here is a video of how we come up with these backpacks.

      I have already provided your valuable feedback to the product engineer who is redesigning the future range of backpacks.  In the meantime, thanks to our customer satisfaction policy, you can get your backpack exchanged in any of the Decathlon stores.

      Also, if you are around Bangalore I invite you to Decathlon Anubhava to exchange thoughts and ideas on features that you think a future backpack should have. 
      Please feel free to reach me in case you require any other assistance.

      Many thanks & regards,

      Ravindra Charan
      Product Trainer & Community Manager-Mountain Sports
      apoorv was satisfied with this answer
    • Comfortable, Light Weight aawesome

      Hitesh (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      You can add slider also.
    • Not very good

      Alan (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      My previous comments seem to have been moderated so I am trying again. I had to cut a 5 day trip carrying about 17kg short after the rucksack was hurting me so much. The shoulder adjusters kept jamming and could not be set up properly. The waist belt straps kept slipping so the rucksack kept sliding off my hips. The back length adjuster kept slipping resulting in the wrong length ratio. Also the back length adjuster kept jamming into the small of my back. There is nothing to recommend this rucksack.
      It has a large capacity
      Fit was terrible. Adjusters jammec or slipped
      Response of the brand

      Thanks for getting in touch regarding the Symbium access trekking backpack. I apologise for the discomfort and inconvenience caused by the backpack. I shall pass you comments on to the design team of our backpack range.


      Chris Allen UK Market Manager DECATHLON
      Alan was satisfied with this answer
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