20" HOPTOWN 320

    Designed for occasional rides on roads with a fully-equipped and easy-to-store bike.

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    € 232.70
    Characteristics Designed for occasional rides on roads with a fully-equipped and easy-to-store bike.
    Product Benefits
    1. Ease of use
      Ease of use
      Easy to fold the frame and stem in 30 seconds.
    2. Versatility
      6-speed derailleur, grip shifter to change gears, mudguard.
    3. Compact design
      Folded: L/H/W: 78x66x34 cm. Unfolded: L/H/W: 146x108x58.5 cm Weight: 14.35 kg
    4. Lifetime warranty
      Lifetime warranty on the frame, stem (excl. hinge), rigid fork and handlebar.
    Product feature
    1. Frame
      Hi-Ten steel frame. The easy lateral-fold system means the bike takes up little space: at home, at the office, in the boot of a car or in a camper... you'll forget your bike is even there. Once folded, the bike's volume is reduced by 70%. The frame locking mechanism makes the bike easy to handle when it's folded, and easy to store away.
    2. Fork
      Hi-ten steel fork for greater durability.
    3. Drivetrain
      The Hoptown 320 is equipped with a Sunrace 6-speed derailleur allowing it to handle most gradients. Changing gears is very easy using the grip shifter. 165 mm cranks. 52-tooth chainwheel, 6-speed Shimano TZ20 14/28 freewheel. Metres of development: 2.96 m / 5.90 m.
    4. Brakes
      V-brake, steel callipers and levers guarantee effective and progressive braking.
    5. Handlebar / stem / steering
      Steel low-rise bars with a rise of 60 mm to adjust your position on the bike to suit your body and make the bike easier to handle. Handlebar width: 560 mm. Folding, non-adjustable stem made from aluminium for increased rigidity. Distance from saddle to handlebar: 540 mm. Bottom bracket to saddle distance: min. 480 mm - max. 700 mm
    6. Saddle / seat post
      Comfortable, seamless foam saddle and steel seat post (diam: 31.6 mm).
    7. Wheels
      20-inch, single-wall rims. steel hub.
    8. Tyres
      20 x 1.75 gumwall city tyres. We have designed these tyres to provide the best balance of performance and traction.
    9. Crankset
      The fold-up pedals reduce bulk when the bike is folded. Once the pedals are folded up and the stem folded down, the bike can be stored against a wall and takes up very little space (26 cm wide). Cranks: 165 mm. Double chainwheel guard
    10. Accessories / equipment
      Mudguard, front and rear battery-powered lights. This bike is compatible with the TILT transport cover and the B'TWIN pannier rack for folding bikes. The front of the bike can be equipped with an additional VIOO Clip light as well as the LED light from the Tilt folding bike (which can be ordered from our after-sales service).
    11. Visibility
      This product has a hook for attaching a VIOO Clip, an LED light that can be clipped and unclipped anywhere in an instant. With a red or white light that can be used in continuous or flashing mode, you are clearly visible from up to 120 m away. Battery life is 9 hours in flashing mode, 4½ hours in continuous mode. Easy to recharge via a USB cable (sold with the VIOO Clip).
    12. Rider weight / height
      Weight: 14.35 kg Recommended for users of the following height: 1.45 m - 1.78 m.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Frame : 100.0% Steel
    2. Product catchline
      With a 6-speed derailleur and mudguards with stays, the Hoptown 320 can handle any gradient and any weather. Lateral folding system reduces bike storage size by over 70%.
    Product reviews
    4.2 / 5
    18 reviews
    18 users recommend this product
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    • Great summer bike

      Sue (United Kingdom)
      Used for 7 to 12 months
      Had this a year now. Blue with yellow forks. Bought from Southampton, good set-up. Added a side-stand and rear rack. Makes a good summer bike, but all steel so don't leave it in the rain. 20" wheels give soft ride, and steel frame is very stiff.
      Crankset is all steel and heavy but got an alloy Brompton one which fits straight on.

      It's a good city bike, and you can throw it in the back of the car for trips. Added the rear rack, which was an easy job. Needs an allen key set and a dog-bone spanner to keep on top of maintenance. Fat tyres have good grip and are comfy. Handlebars swivel for reach.

      The front grey tube end takes one of the V100 Clip lights, a nice touch. Like the other review I've had a Brompton, this gives a much better ride, and is 1/10th the price.

      Folds up and lives under a table, but you wouldn't want to carry it very far. That's why it's got wheels! Very pleased with my Hoptown.
    • Cheap and cheerful

      Peter (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Bought this to miss out tube costs on my commute. Plus points are that is v good value , solid and a good ride . However it is heavy to carry . Plus I find the rubber clip difficult to get on especially with gloves and now I have added the recommended pannier I cannot get it to clip on . Is there a solution to this problem? Oh and be careful with the front brakes . The cable for mine was wound round the stem and pulled the cable out of the noodle hanger
    • Great little bike

      Christian (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Overall, this bike is fantastic for commuting. Having suffered with TFL for 2 years, I finally decided to give the cycling trend a go and don't regret it.

      I cycle 6-7 miles in and out every day and this is my feedback so far:
      - Bike is solid on the road (but watch out for broken glass!)
      - There is no suspension, so keep an eye out for bumps.
      - It's not the fastest. Cruises at 4-5 times walking pace but is capable of doing 6-7 miles in 40 minutes (relaxed pace).
      - Folding the bike takes 10 - 15 seconds after the third time trying.
      - Handling is good.
      - Brakes are good and adjustable.
      - If you're big & heavy like me, the seat will move if you misjudge a bump. So tighten the seat bolt up (wrench 14).
      - Cars/vans give you plenty of space, even taxi's, but not all, but overall the visibility is good (great colour scheme and lighting - front light bit weak though).
      - Changing back inner tube is a bit of a mission, but I think it's wrench 16 and takes roughly 30 minutes. A new inner tube costs roughly 5 GBP.

      In summary, this is a great bike for the price and just remember, every time you're on the bike it's another few pounds you're not giving to TFL!
      Easy to store. Price. Ready to ride.
      The seat. No suspension.
    • Nice bike with a couple of flaws

      Mike (United Kingdom)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      I use this bike primarily for commuting. A few miles here and there. It's a good bike but I seem to be having an issue with the rubber clasp. I find it too much of a pain to try and get it to attach to the rear wheel. It's too tight and slips off when I do manage to attach it. It's cumbersome to carry too. But it's comfy when up, gears shift well. I have had issue with punctures lately though too. 5 in a fortnight.
      Nice colours, comfortable to ride. Speedy.
      Pointless clasp. Weighty. Cumbersome to carry
    • Great bike although try before buy

      David (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I treated myself to a 2016 Christmas present with the Hoptown 320. I had read the reviews prior to ordering and got it in mid dec. i saved it for xmas with my first ride two days later when trains were operational. 5 minutes riding and the seat began to tip backwards (not the pole, the seat itself). I had to adjust near every time i would sit down, at first it was slowly tipping back then eventually every time. Unfortunately it was dark so i couldnt review it to fix. Its been left at my friends house since and hope to pick up in couple of days and take a look. Hopefully it just needed tightening as it was first use.
      At the moment i cant recommend this however i will take a look at the bike and see if needs tightening or if maybe its a fault.
      Overall design, compact
      Saddle movement
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