Actiwalk 520 children's fitness walking shoes blue/red

    Designed for fitness walking on roads, in dry weather.For regular use.

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    Characteristics Designed for fitness walking on roads, in dry weather.For regular use.
    Product Benefits
    1. Flexibility
      Provides flexibility thanks to the flex grooves in the sole.
    2. Lightweight
      Plenty of freedom of movement thanks to its low weight: 150g in size 12.5.
    3. Breathability
      Eliminates perspiration thanks to its mesh fabric and side vents.
    4. Fit
      Holds the foot firmly in place thanks to its ergonomic stiffener.
    5. Easy dressing
      The rip-tab and elastic laces help children gain autonomy.
    6. Stability
      The ergonomic counter keeps the foot and heel in place.
    7. Grip
      Ensures good grip on floor surfaces thanks to the sculpted sole.Non-marking.
    • Sizes
      11C to 6.
    • Sole
    • Also exists in
      various colours.
    • Fastening
      scratchs(+elastic bands).
    • Height of upper
    • Material
      ventilated canvas.
    Product feature
    1. Can I wear fitness walking shoes for school sports?
      Our shoes/trainers designed for fitness walking meet the requirements of school sports:non-marking soles for use in sports halls, flexible and lightweight with grip and support.
    2. Can I use orthopaedic insoles in my children's fitness walking shoes?
      When using orthopaedic insoles, take one size up or remove the insoles from your Newfeel children's walking shoes - they have removable insoles!
    3. The heel support of Newfeel's shoes for children
      In order to provide the appropriate foot support, all of Newfeel's children shoes are equipped with a specially designed quality stiffener at the back.
    4. Should you choose one size above the child's shoe size so that they can wear their shoes for longer?
      No!If the shoe is too big, the foot does not receive the appropriate amount of support, especially at the heel.The foot can thus go off to the sides and the shoe is no longer "one" with the foot. The child would therefore risk changing their natural gait, causing it to be compensated for by the knees, hips and back. Nevertheless, the child's foot should not be held too tightly in the shoe. There should be enough space (6mm) between the end of the foot and the end of the shoe.
    5. How to check that the chosen size for my child's shoes is the right one?
      The child should first place their foot right to the front of the shoe. You should then press the palm of your hand down on the front of the child's foot to ensure the toes are not curled up.Try and fit your finger down the back of the shoe, behind the heel (right to the bottom) to see if there is enough space (6 mm).If it is a thin finger, the tip of your finger will be about 10mm thick. If you can squeeze it in but it is tight then that's a perfect fit!For more information
    6. I have a little shoe-destroyer at home - how can I choose the most durable pair?
      Children shoes tend to show signs of wear on the front first.Pay special attention to the level of the sole. A naturally durable material like rubber will last longer. A sole that "envelops" the foot or even a rising sole will also serve as a "bumper". For the top, you should know that leather is a guarantee of durability and a specially adapted reinforcement will limit premature wear. For more information
    7. Live testing of products
      Before being brought to market, all the Newfeel children's shoes are tested in the field in conditions identical to those your children might encounter everyday, both indoors and outdoors. These tests allow us to improve and validate the quality of our shoes.
    8. Lab tests
      Newfeel conducts laboratory tests on all our fitness walking shoes to validate their properties and benefits.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Upper of : 60.0% Polyurethane (PU), 40.0% Polyester (PES) Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer sole of : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
    2. Storage advice
      The Newfeel team recommends storing your shoes/trainers in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.
    3. Product catchline
      Like a gentle breeze... The Actiwalk 520 children's sports shoes are ideal for fitness walking in supper thanks to their side openings.
    4. Lab tested
      These Newfeel junior shoes/trainers have been tested in the laboratory and in the field by children.
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