ALPHA 100 + T5 KIT

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    Designed for the tracker during big game drives.

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    Product benefits
    1. Easy spotting
      Easy spotting
      GPS and GLONASS tracking provides faster satellite-based localisation.
    2. Waterproof
      Robust and watertight to a depth of 10 metres.
    3. Range
      controlling 20 dogs. Long VHF antenna has a range up to 14.5 km.
    4. Lightweight
      Collar weight: 265 grams.
    5. Visibility
      Flashing LED for finding your dog in the dark.
    6. Autonomy
      Rechargeable; emergency mode prolongs battery life.
    Product feature
    1. Stay informed about what's happening
      • With Garmin's new detection technology, you know if your dog is barking. • You are informed of the activity of each of your dogs (running, sitting, pointing or forcing game to hole up). • You know the GPS localization and the battery level. • Update every 5 to 120 s.
    2. Precise locating
      • GPS/GLONASS tracking provides faster and more accurate satellite-based localisation in difficult terrain. • Antenna located on the top of the collar for better reception.
    3. Sturdy and durable
      • Solid steel VHF antenna for greater durability. • Watertight to 10 m: exremely strong casing. • Polyurathane-coated nylon (PCN) collar. • Lithium-ion battery.
    4. Completely reliable tracking
      Long VHF antenna has a range up to 14.5 km. • Emergency mode extends battery life when level becomes low. • Simultaneous tracking of maximum 10 dogs. • Easy to pair up via ANT network. • Locking collar for greater security.
    5. Better device control
      • Twin colour LED for better device indication. • High speed USB interface. • Charging via USB cable. • Charge level indicator on collar.
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      Garmin collar to track your dogs even when they're out of sight.
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    • Garmin Alpha 100 + T5 kit

      Mila (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I have recently purchased a Garmin Alpha 100 + T5 Kit for my dog. I was very eagerly awaiting its arrival and was not disappointed with its quick delivery time. It came with a hand held Alpha 100 device and bright orange dog tracking collar. After reading initial instruction and following the simple set up guide I was almost ready to go. The device in itself was very comfortable in my hand and software was easy to understand. There were no issues or problems with the set up. After charging the batteries and learning how to use the hand held device I was eager to try it out. I live in a woodland area. Before I had the Garmin Alpha 100 kit I had to keep my dog in my vision to follow his trail. Now I know where he is at all times and also where he stopped and how long did he paused for.With the Garmin Alpha 100 + T5 Kit I can easily track my dog, see how far he is from me and judge if he is able to hear my oral command and also if he is following the order given. At the end of the day I can download all the data available onto my computer and can analyse what distance the dog covered that day, how much energy he expelled and whether he followed all the commands that I have given. I would not hesitate to recommend this device for all the dog lovers who want to keep track of their dog during a long walk. In my opinion the animals are happiest when they are not restricted by a lead. If it is safe for the dog to be off the lead and you are confident that your dog is well trained not to cause any harm the Garmin Alpha 100 + T5 Kit is the device that will make sure you do not lose your dog also to keep a track where your dog has been and how much exercise he has done. Never the less as well as your dog this device keeps the track of you as a walker so at the end of the day you can also analyse not only your dogs data but also your own. In effect this device can replace the pedometer. I am getting another dog soon and will be buying the T5 mini dog collar as it is compatible with this device to track both dogs at the same time and see how the dogs working together.
    • Garmin alpha 100

      Andrew (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      A fantastic well made quality product
      The quality of the garmin hand set and the collar.
      A more detailed instructions booklet.