Forclaz 900 Helium Women's Hiking Waterproof Shoes

    Designed for fast-paced mountain hiking for one or several days in all weather conditions. For intensive use.

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    Characteristics Designed for fast-paced mountain hiking for one or several days in all weather conditions. For intensive use.
    Product Benefits
    1. Waterproof
      Waterproof and breathable membrane.Designed for 4 hours hiking in wet ground.
    2. Lightweight
      331 g per shoe in size 6.
    3. Cushioning
      Composed of 3 pieces of compressed EVA for durable and dynamic cushioning.
    4. Traction
      Crosscontact sole. Good grip thanks to specific design and components.
    5. Durability
      Synthetic stone guard with rubber lining for good toe protection.
    6. Fit
      360° System:Precision at all times, keeps foot from slipping ahead in descent.
    7. Easy opening / closing
      Easy opening / closing
      Quick and easy lace up for adjustment at any time.
    8. Stability
      X stab technology: TPU frame enabling good foothold.
    • Size
      3½ to 7½.
    • Weight
      331 g per shoe in size 6.
    • Also available
      for men.
    Product feature
    1. Longer lasting waterproofing
      A shoe's waterproofing is often undermined by water getting in from the top of the shoe. Using waterproof gaiters or mini gaiters is therefore recommended to keep your feet dry for longer by protecting the top part of your shoes and prevent water from getting in as well as pebbles, sand, etc. Use of a re-waterproofing spray is recommended several times per year. This will help your shoes recover their original water repellent qualities and combat outer stains
    2. Waterproofing test
      Footwear waterproofing test: Tested both in the lab and real-world usage, NOVADRY®-equipped footwear guarantees optimum waterproofing and breathability. First, the shoe is immersed in water while internal air pressure is applied to check that no bubbles form on the surface of the footwear. Next, shoes are fitted to a mechanical arm that simulates walking, half immersed in water so we can test that the inside remains perfectly dry.
    3. Waterproofing level
      During the waterproofing test, we test 3 levels of waterproofing: 2000 flexes (around 2 hours of walking), 4000 flexes (around 4 hours of walking) and 8000 flexes (around 8 hours of walking). Of course, after this test or in use, the shoe regains its original waterproofing once dry. The Forclaz 900 Helium shoe is waterproof for 4000 flexes.
    4. What size should you buy?
      For hiking, you may wish to purchase a shoe that is one size larger than your normal size to ensure your feet remain comfortable when running downhill and to keep your toes from bumping against the tip of the shoe. Tip: keep your toenails short. Before the descent, make sure your laces are tight in order to keep your feet from sliding forward in the shoe.
    5. X stab technology
      TPU part (rigid plastic) stabilises the heel. This insert is embedded into the compression-moulded EVA at the heel thereby stabilising and keeping it in position at the back of the shoe. The insert extends out at the sides so that it is covered by the 360° System strap, gently merging with the rest of the shoe at the forefoot. It is used to brace the foot and, along with the injection-moulded EVA in the front sole, provides excellent push off.
    6. Crosscontact
      Lengthy research into the design of the sole at our laboratories, combined with a special rubber formulation optimise grip on rocky terrain.
    7. 360° system
      Our exclusive system uses a strap that goes under your instep. Tightening your laces also tightens the strap, providing extra instep support without sacrificing comfort. Since the angle of the strap is aligned with the laces, there are no uncomfortably hard pressure points. This provides unrivalled support and therefore greater precision and safety in challenging sections.It also keeps the tips of your toes from tapping against the front of the shoe.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Sole : 60.0% Rubber - Synthetic, 20.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), 20.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Outer fabric : 70.0% Polyester (PES), 30.0% Polyurethane (PU) Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
    2. Approved by
      Sarah Berthelot, Thierry Chambry
    3. Storage advice
      Store in a well ventilated dark, dry place.
    4. Product restrictions
      Not suitable for trekking.
    5. Product catchline
      All the advantages of a Trail running shoe (lightweight, flexible) with added protection and durability. Its Novadry membrane will allow you to make progress in all conditions.
    6. Lab tested
      All our shoes are tested for user comfort and field tested by users who represent the target market in conditions identical to those found in typical use. Our Field Test Missions team up the product manager with people who aren't affiliated with QUECHUA,
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