Original 700 All-Terrain Electric Bike

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Designed for no-effort, recreational cycling on roads and trails.

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Product benefits
  1. Autonomy
    40 km on average. Brushless, 250W, electric-drive motor; 24V, 10Ah battery.
  2. Versatility
    21 gears for all gradients. Mixed road and track tyres.
  3. Visibility
    Halogen front light and standard battery-powered rear light
  4. Optimised posture
    Adjustable and orientable stem. Lowered unisex frame - easy to get on and off.
  5. Lifetime warranty
    B’TWIN guarantees the frame, stem, and handlebars for life.
  • Sizing
    Size M: 1.55 m - 1.71 m Size L: 1.72 m – 1.85 m
  • Weight
    26.5 kg in size L;
  • Maximum load
    100 kg
Product feature
  1. Frame
    The frame is made of aluminium with built-in, rear suspension that can be adjusted for hardness. It is very comfortable and sturdy. 6061 aluminium suspension fork. Not compatible with a baby carrier.
  2. Fork
    elastomer / coil suspension. The fork adapts to various types of terrain and dampens shocks and vibrations for precise, comfortable steering.
  3. Drive train
    Brushless, 250 watt, ELECTRIC-DRIVE motor. The rear-wheel motor provides excellent handling and comfortable steering. Motor torque: 30Nm. 21 speeds => 3 chainrings (48, 38 and 28); 7-speed cassette (14/16/18/20/22/24/28). Speed change with push-pull shifter for greater precision. The gear calibration allows you to tackle the steepest gradients.
  4. Seat
    BTWIN ergonomic, foam saddle. Quick-release saddle clamp. Aluminium seat post with built-in clamp. The saddle can be quickly adjusted, no tools required.
  5. Position
    Semi-raised, steel handlebars. Adjustable and orientable stem. Semi-raised position suited to casual bicycle rides and more strenuous rides. The stem is adjustable to ensure good upper-body position.
  6. Wheels
    Double-wall, aluminium rims for added strength. All-round town & city tyres with a wear indicator.
  7. Brakes
    Front brake: aluminium V-brake callipers with anti-blocking system; rear aluminium V-brake callipers. Aluminium brake lever. A powerful and progressive braking system. Bikes with electric assistance wear out more brake pads than a standard bike due to their weight and the power of the motor.
  8. Accessories / equipment
    powerful halogen headlight and classic rear light, powered by a 24 volt,10 A battery, with a minimum of 500 full-recharge cycles. It is a lithium-ion battery, with spherical anode material, made by Samsung
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame : 100.0% Aluminium
  2. Product catchline
    Without a doubt, THE MOST COMFORTABLE ELECTRIC BIKE ON THE MARKET, with its suspension fork and frame. Versatile bike, perfect for cycling around town or out in the country.
Product reviews
3.7 / 5
4 reviews
4 users recommend this product
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  • Overall, a brilliant piece of kit!

    Robin (United Kingdom)
    Used for 3 to 6 months
    I have had this bike a little over 6 months so I could get a good idea of what it is like. It's the perfect E-Bike for the Cycle to Work Scheme as it is under £1k.

    Riding the bike is a breeze, everything is very sold and well built. The gears and brakes are very responsive.

    The Range is ok, I get about 18 miles out of a charge on my hilly commute.

    There is a noticeable whine to the motor especially when under heavy load. You will pass other cyclists on hills, but they will know that you are 'cheating' :-)

    The weight distribution is my only real complaint, both the motor and the battery are at the rear of the bike, this gives the front wheel a tendency to lift if you get a little energetic when going uphill. This uneven distribution has also meant the bike can't go on the bike rack on my car (centre point mount)

    Overall, a brilliant bit of kit.
    Good riding position, comfortable ride.
    Heavy at the back, light at the front.
  • B-Twin original 700 electric bike

    Joe (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    A very good bike for town and country riding but not for mountain bike activities, there is too much weight on the rear suspension and it wallows on some track descents.
    A great good value bike for riding around town
    It is no good for off road or mountain bike tracks
  • After first 100 miles riding

    Ian (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    I'm an experienced cyclist (several decades) now with knee and back problems. I decided an e-bike was the thing to take the sting out of hills.

    I picked this model on the grounds of price (you can pay a LOT more for an e-bike) and for the specification - a reasonable 21-speed about-town bike that happens to have an electric motor.

    First off, I should emphasise that this bike does what I need. I can cycle reasonable distances over fairly hilly terrain (SE Scotland). I can keep up with my companions on touring bikes or hybrids, and outpace them on some hills.

    Controls are adequate. There are three levels of power-assist available. (Annoyingly, the button that controls this cycles through the levels, so to get from 3 to 2, you have to go through 0 and 1.) The display shows power level, speed and odometer (total and trip) clearly. Speed and distance are in km only (Decathlon is a French company!). The buttons for switching on and selecting power are quite difficult to use with bare hands and almost impossible in any but the thinnest gloves, which is a nuisance.

    Be warned that documentation is skimpy. I was given nothing in the shop when I collected the bike and could only find a generic manual, applying to all e-bikes, on the Decathlon web site. Basics, like dropping out the back wheel to change a tyre, you will have to work out for yourself.

    I have the large frame size, which has 700c wheels. The tyres are 42mm width, which I find excessive for road use. Once the road speed is high enough that the motor isn't helping any more (25 km/h) you become aware that there is a lot of rubber in contact with the ground. The rims are narrow enough to take 32mm and I plan to fit a pair of these. (Given the weight on the back wheel, something tough like Schwalbe Marathon Plus would probably be prudent.)

    The range of gears is good (see specification on this page). Most e-bikes have many fewer than the 21 speeds on this machine. Personally, I find that the highest gear is on the low side and will probably switch the cassette for one with a 12 tooth sprocket as the smallest.

    The lights are oddly weak for a bike which carries a massive battery. (My other bike has a back light that can be seen about a mile down the road and it just runs off a pair of AA's.) As the nights draw in, I shall probably replace or supplement the fitted lights with seriously bright battery lights.

    The control panel has an indicator showing remaining battery charge, but this is fairly erratic, capable of showing nothing left one minute and 2/5 blocks the next. There is also an indicator on the battery pack itself with 1-5 LEDs showing remaining charge, but you can't use that on the move. I find that after 25 miles, the battery indicator on the control panel is dipping down to zero much of the time. I haven't actually run out of battery on the road.

    All-in-all the bike is good value for money and the shortcomings only minor irritations.
    Good price, sensible range of gears
    Controls, lights, range
  • Novice Honest Review

    Moussa (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    As titled, I am certainly a novice cyclist hence the purchase of this electric bike.
    What I wanted was a mode of transport to replace my car but without the expenses.
    Prior to purchasing this electric bike I had done some preliminary research and noted that the electric assistance only works if you are moving the pedals (to comply with EU regulations) regardless of the amount of user input or direction (so you could just waggle the peddles back and forth). However, this bike actually requires you to make a positive contribution to movement in forwards gear (i.e. like you would otherwise ride a bike) and then adds a bit of an oomph to your input. This was unfortunate, as was not what I was after but in hindsight seems appropriate to be still classified as a bicycle (i.e. no tax, insurance etc.). I believe the manufactures (whether off their own backs or required by regulations) have restricted the amount of electric assistance which is appropriate on flats or gentle inclines. However, assistance input should be increased when ascending over steeper gradients … perhaps this could be done by an internal electronic level?
    I also understand that electric bikes stop assisting once a cetin speed is reached (again to comply with EU regulations). Prior to purchase I thought this might be problematic. However, given my novice cycling abilities, I am embarrassed to admit that the cut out speed has not been reached and therefore not an issue for me.
    My intension was to ride the bike to my local underground station and keep it there for the duration of the day and obviously cycle back home on my return. However, as the bike looks new and shiny with an electronic display and other components that could be stolen / vandalised; I was laughed at by the station employees for suggesting I was intending to lock this bike at the station regularly as carrier criminals (which do not care about being recorded on the station surveillance) will steal it regardless of the security measures. I was advised to use another station (which was very far) with better cycle parking facilities (bike lockers) but this was not practical as would be a longer commute than taking the bus to the local station.
    An issue I have with the bike is the heavy rear weight (due to the battery location). But this is only noticeable when stationary or moving very slowly, such as cycling next to a walking companion. But may also be due to my lack of cycling experience in recent years.
    The bell is laughable. I am not aware of what is usual for a bike bell, but would have imagined that the sound should be louder than I could shout (i.e. to attract the attention of a car driver … with their windows up and music blaring). I think it would be better not to have a bell at all rather than one that cannot be heard over traffic.
    The electronic interface has not been easy to use. I think a throttle like thing may be more natural to use?
    In general, happy with the purchase.
    Looks good, unique, battery, not too expensive
    User input, only for gentle inclines & looks dear