Strong 700 Adult Knee Brace

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Designed for getting back into sport after a moderate knee sprain.

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Product benefits
  1. Joint support
    Joint support
    Side stiffeners for knee ligament support.
  2. Ease of use
    Ease of use
    Easy to put on and adjust to your needs while you exercise.
  3. User comfort
    Comfortable compression knit shaped to fit your knee.
  4. Moisture management
    Moisture management
    Airy knit for perspiration wicking to keep your knee dry.
  • Support
    Level 3 - Strong
Product feature
  1. Why wear this knee support?
    Wearing a knee support may be recommended if you have suffered ligament damage or you are unsure how your knees will hold up when you get back into sport (basketball, football, handball, tennis, running, trail running, gymnastics, judo, skiing) after a sprain. It is easy to put on and has airy fabric and a shape designed to suit your knee and keep you comfy.
  2. What is a sprain?
    A sprained knee is when you stretch or tear one or more ligaments in your knee: the medial collateral ligament (MCL), fibular collateral ligament (LCL), the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Sprains are not a serious problem when the ligaments are just stretched. They become fairly serious when the lateral ligaments alone are torn. Serious sprains are those when one of the cruciate and/or lateral ligaments is torn completely.
  3. Why protect your knees?
    The knee is an important joint that is used heavily for sports activities. It absorbs impacts and stabilises you as well as withstanding huge stresses, particularly when running, jumping, landing and changing direction.Falling over when skiing is also particularly risky for your knees.
  4. Did you know that all TARMAK products are field tested?
    The design team behind the TARMAK products is based in Northern France. It is constantly seeking to improve its products to best meet players' needs. All of our models are tested in real-life situations for several weeks by demanding players, and are updated based on your feedback.
  5. What gear to get, how to train: explore our basketball tips!
    Tarmak is here for anyone playing basketball, from beginners to regulars. Take a look at our tips for training, kitting yourself out and prepping:
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 44.0% Polyamide (PA), 33.0% Cotton, 12.0% Polyester (PES), 11.0% Elastane
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a clean, dry, dark place.Put the adhesive parts on the elastic band to protect the knit from premature wear.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Hand wash at 30°C. Air dry. Do not dry the product near a heat source. Do not use detergent To make it easier to wash the Strong 700 knee support, you can remove the metal parts on the sides.
  4. Product restrictions
    Consult your doctor before using this product.
  5. Product catchline
    The STRONG 700 knee brace provides knee support through a compression, fastening and guiding system, with side stays and joint stability with the silicon ring.
  6. Lab tested
    This product has undergone laboratory tests (washing, colour fastness, wear) to ensure that it meets our quality requirements.
Product reviews
4.2 / 5
16 reviews
17 users recommend this product
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  • Utility of knee brace after deteriorating knee

    Ramesh Kumar (India)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    knee brace is not good for sports only but it is useful paramedical support of deteriorating knee after certain age. Good for senior citizens because of wear and tear of knees during life cycle of human.
  • Its really helpful for our leg and its comfortable

    Abhishek (India)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
  • It would have been better off it was back open

    Satish (India)
    Used for 1 week or less
    If back open it would have been easier to wear in the present condition when it s difficult to bend the knee. This (Taramo 700 strong) requires help from. another person to wear it. It is not very comfortable to wear it, over for a long period of time. This is effective all the same. But would have preferred a back open type.
  • Good

    Ajin (India)
    Used for 1 week or less
  • quality is good but limited size availability

    Veeresha (India)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Quality and design is too good. But largest size available also is tight for women weighing 80kg, there could have been next size for XL personality.
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