ONmove 220 GPS Watch

    € 83.98

    Designed for allows you to measure the speed and distance of your run and to programme interval training.

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    Product benefits
    1. Parameter measurement
      Measure your distance, speed, pace, calories burnt and lap times.
    2. Coaching
      Do interval training or use target zones thanks to the different programmes.
    3. Connectivity
      Transfer your sessions to your smartphone and Strava with the connected watch.
    4. Autonomy
      Rechargeable battery life: 7 hours in GPS mode, 10 days in watch mode.
    5. Waterproof
      Run without worrying about getting splashed thanks to the IPX7 impermeability.
    6. Compatibility
      Compatible with the Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor belt.
    7. Coaching
      Interval training - Target zone training
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      GPS watch
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    • Practice
    Product feature
    1. Measure your activities
      Measure your running sessions thanks to the essential information provided by the ONmove 220 GPS watch: Stopwatch | Speed (current and average) | Pace (current and average) | Distance covered | Calories expended | Current heart rate (optional with Bluetooth Smart belt) | Time | Date | Alarm | Back lighting.
    2. Get going without delay thanks to Fastfix technology
      Pick up the satellite signal more quickly on your watch and start exercising without delay thanks to the FastFix technology. FastFix is updated when you synchronise your ONmove 220 watch with the ONconnect software. To download the ONconnect software, please go to support.decathlon.fr
    3. See your sessions on your smartphone
      Transfer data from your ONmove 220 GPS watch thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology and view your sessions immediately on your smartphone using the myGeonaute connect application (available on iOS and Android). To see the list of compatible smartphones, please click here: compatibilité smartphone
    4. Enjoy compatibility with Strava
      Want to share your sessions with your friends, follow them and compete against yourself on routes or segments? The myGeonaute connect application is compatible with the STRAVA sports social network. To transfer your data onto the Strava social network, use the myGeonaute Connect application on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
    5. Improve your performances through interval training
      Easily set up a full interval training session with your ONmove GPS watch: warm-up time, activity time, rest time and cool-down time, number of series of interval runs and rest time between series.
    6. Manage your efforts with the target zone function
      Manage your efforts more effectively and reach your goals more easily! The Target Zone function allows you to set a speed and pace zone (and heart rate zone if you have the Bluetooth Smart heart rate belt). Using this function, your GPS watch will provide a real-time indication of whether or not you are within the programmed working zone. And a graphic indicator on the screen and a sound signal will warn you if you leave this zone!
    7. Automatic lap time
      Set your chosen distance and you will automatically see your lap time thanks to this function.
    8. Manual lap time
      The ONmove 220 GPS watch will allow you to record laps or lap times manually. Each time you press the button, an information window will indicate your lap time, as well as the number of laps completed. And to analyse your performances, you can find this information in your decathloncoach.com account on the map view of your route, as well as in a summary table!
    9. Stopwatch with automatic stop/start function
      The stopwatch is paused automatically when you stop and resumed when you start thanks to this function, which can be activated and deactivated.
    10. Store your data and analyse your performances and your progression
      Download and store your sessions on your free decathloncoach.com account thanks to the ONconnect software or the myGeonaute connect application! You can view details of your performances throughout the route and follow your progress week to week.
    11. Export your sessions to GPX
      Export your sessions to a GPX file thanks to the decathloncoach.com service. You can thus carry on using your preferred sports service (Strava, Runkeeper etc.).
    12. Impermeability
      Run with peace of mind in the rain: with its IPX7 impermeability, the ONmove 220 GPS watch resists splashing.
    13. Use your watch with the Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor
      Want to measure your heart rate and set a target zone of beats per minute? If you have the DUAL Bluetooth Smart Geonaute heart rate belt, take advantage of its compatibility with the ONmove 220 GPS watch.
    14. Memory
      Benefit from a memory of over 80 hours of activity with the ONmove 220 GPS watch.
    15. Battery life
      Enjoy a 7-hour battery life when using GPS, and 10 days when in watch mode thanks to the lithium-ion battery. What about recharging it? You watch is compatible with 5V - 1A chargers and travel chargers thanks to its micro USB/USB cable (included), and only takes one and a half hours to recharge completely.
    16. Is your watch compatible with your smartphone?
      Your ONmove 220 GPS watch is compatible with Apple iPhone 4s and later systems and Android 4.3 and later systems.
    17. Is your watch compatible with your computer?
      Your ONmove 220 GPS watch is compatible with Windows XP and later operating systems and Mac OS X 10.6 and later operating systems.
    18. Dimensions
      Thickness: 15 mm | Diameter: 45.5 mm.
    19. After-Sales Service
      Like all our watches, this model has an After-Sales Service: leakage checking, strap change and USB cover change. Contact one of our sales branches.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Outcover : 50.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), 40.0% Polycarbonate - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS), 10.0% Acrylic (PAN) Inside room : 80.0% PCBA, 20.0% Glass - Mineral
    2. Cleaning advice
      Like all our watches, this model has an After-Sales Service: leakage checking, strap change and USB cover change. Contact one of our sales branches.
    3. Product restrictions
      Does not measure speed and distance covered indoors.
    4. Product catchline
      Early indicators and benchmarks to help you progress (speed, pace, distance, target zone, laps). Instantly transfer and analyse your activities on your smartphone.
    5. Lab tested
      All our products at Decathlon are tested by a panel of users in the conditions for which they are designed. These tests are coordinated and supervised by a team of engineers dedicated to this task. All these tests enable the product managers, engineers an
    Product reviews
    3.9 / 5
    18 reviews
    18 users recommend this product
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    • 16 months in

      Charlotte (Australia)
      Used for More than 1 year
      I love this watch, it does everything the garmins owned by my runner buddies but a fraction of the price. Only downside is it's not waterproof and I'd love to swim in it
      Response of the brand
      Hi Charlotte, Thank you for taking the time to review the ONmove 220 GPS Watch. Very happy to hear that you like the product!
      We are working with our brand Kalenji to improve our products all the time, I will make sure to send this review onto them!
      Hope to see you in store soon!


      rachel (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
    • Amazing watch

      MAyank (India)
      Used for More than 1 year
      Amazing watch better than tomtom
    • Cannot update ONMove 220

      Saeid (United Kingdom)
      Used for More than 1 year
      The watch did not update with onconnect or manual method, how can i update that?
    • Can not connect to phone or computer

      Ben (United Kingdom)
      Used for More than 1 year
      After endless attempts to first connect to a Huawei P9 Lite phone and then to a PC running Windows I0 think I am going to give up on this watch and return it. Contacted the support desk three weeks ago and have had no reply. Pointless piece of kit if i can not connect and see the data.
      Response of the brand
      Hi Ben,

      I'm really sorry that you are having connectivity issues with your OnMove220.

      I am aware that the recent updated to Windows 10 created connectivity issues with many devices and this is also the case with the OnMove.  The resolution with this is in process at the moment.

      I assume you are running your phone with an Android OS?  If you could share with me any details I will get an answer from the product manager.

      I will also apply some pressure to ensure that we have better communication and far quicker resolutions to phone connectivity issues.

      You are also welcome to return the product if you are not 100% satisfied with it.

      Kind regards,

      David Daker
      Market Manager Nutrition,
      Electronics and Accessories,
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