Oregon 600 touch Hiking GPS

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    Designed for REGULAR sportspersons looking for a complete navigation system for outdoor activities.

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    Product benefits
    1. Waterproof
      The Oregon 600 is labelled IPX7, it can resist dirt, impact and water.
    2. Visibility
      Anti-reflection touch screen.
    3. Autonomy
      Double power: 2 AA batteries or rechargeable NiMH battery.
    4. Compatibility
      Compatible with all Garmin maps.
    5. Coaching
      Bluetooth® connection between the device and compatible smartphone for sharing.
    • Product type
      GPS for hiking
    Product feature
    1. Screen brightness
      The technology governing the backlighting uses external light, such as the sun, combined with the device's LED backlighting to increase the brightness and improve readability. This way, less battery life is consumed.
    2. Wireless capacity: Bluetooth® and ANT
      It is now possible to wirelessly transfer large files such as photos, treasure hunts, adventures, itineraries and personalised maps from one Oregon series 600 to another using ANT+ technology. Additionally, the BaseCamp™ Mobile application allows you to transfer itineraries, waypoints and tracks 50 times faster than before without having to rely on your computer. The Oregon, equipped with wireless ANT+ technology, is also compatible with
    3. Two-way reading
      View maps and other data in portrait or landscape mode based on how you hold your device. Landscape mode allows you to improve the comfort when holding when on the road.
    4. Short cuts
      Launch applications, move from one profile to another, apply settings and start navigation with just one move.
    5. Dashboards/Nuvi mode
      The dashboards allow you to hide and display multiple features within your preferred application. With the information immediately available to see, you can complete multiple tasks at the same time without disabling the application.
    6. Advanced altitude profile
      The new complete view of the track allows you to see the full altitude profile. You can also zoom in on a part of the track and obtain data on the gradient of this specific section. The upcoming altitude profile uses your map data to present what you should expect on this route.
    7. Calculator of the best journey
      New options allow you to display 33% more information on the screen. Add multiple pages with data fields which you can customise according to one of the 4 following configurations: 2 large fields, 1 large and 4 small, 6 small or 8 small fields.
    8. Monitor activities (calender)
      Find activities, waypoints and treasure hunts which you have included as part of a schedule.
    9. Advanced management of waypoints
      A single screen is dedicated to displaying and modifying all data. Delete one or more waypoints at the same time using the Waypoint Manager menu.
    10. Pack content
      - Oregon 600 - World map library - USB charging cable- Snap hook with clip - Documentation
    11. Double your performance
      In addition to the powerful battery life which can extend to 16 hours, the new Oregon 600 is unique with its double battery system, optimised for the outdoors. You have the choice of the NiMH battery which can be internally charged (not supplied) or classic AA batteries if you are low on battery. The NiMH battery automatically recharges when the device is connected to an external power source.
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      The OREGON 600 handheld GPS by GARMIN resists shocks, dust, dirt, humidity and water.
    Product reviews
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    • Oregon 600

      STEVEN (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I intended to use this device for cycling and hiking. Out of the box the device is toughly made and the touch screen is excellent, even sensitive in rain and clear in brilliant sunshine. The best feature is the fact it takes two AA nimh rechargeable batteries or alkaline. Personally I won't buy any device without replaceable batteries.Batteries charged every day will die in less than 2 years and so therefore will your device. It has a superb antenna which immediately locates the device to GPS AND GLONASS satellites. Although the screen is small the detail and route instructions are clear. Having spent some time navigating the confusing icons and downloading BASECAMP routing software from Garmin I can plot routes and download them easily from my laptop to my device. So far all good.
      I then tried to use the device as a car sat nav by selecting one of the profiles ( TOUR CYCLING/MOTORCYCLING/MARINE/HIKING etc.) CAR and plotted a route fom Epsom to Aylesbury and the device couldn't do it. Then I tried Epsom to Worthing. NOOO. This failure highlighted the main drawback of the device. The processor and internal memory seem to be way too slow. The maps refresh quickly, but ten times slower than a smart phone. Sometimes when cycling it will get the direction wrong at a junction because it cannot think fast enough. The internal memory is 1.8 Gb not 32Gb like a phone, so when you load a 800Mb map it takes up a large part of the processing power. There is a 32Gb micro SD card slot on which you load the maps, but if you put two 800Mb maps on, the device crashes on start up. So you are better off having several 4Gb cards with different hiking, cycling, road maps and swopping the cards around. You are limited to about 30 miles of route, which is OK because you simply load another thirty mile stretch and another to get a longer route, but of course this is very tedious.
      I tried Garmin Connect and the new Garmin Express software. I found Garmin Connect very good to create courses, but it failed to allow export to my device despite recognising it and Express on my PC and of course, as usual, there is no support from Garmin, so I have scrapped both.
      To summarise I am frustrated and disappointed with this device. It has such brilliant satellite detection, the screen is really effective and the fact it takes AA batteries a masterstroke. It will also take you along your route accurately. Unfortunately inside it has clumsy sotware mated to a slow processor and limited internal memory. I fear that when the smart phone designers realise all they have to do is fit a decent antenna to achieve better GPS satellite detection, when mated to the excellent Google Maps and much larger and higher definition screens, these dedicated GPS devices will become obsolete. Look at cameras everyone uses their phone now!
      Satellite detection, touch screen, AA batteries.
      Slow processor, small memory, clumsy software.
    • Oregon 600

      Brian (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Takes a while to get used to the different layout but well worth the effort. Holds thousands of geocaches.though not yet sure of how to tell when it's full. Unit no longer has recessed touch screen which damage more likely if dropped or knocked against hard stuff. However overall an excellent GPS unit and well worth the money, although this time I did not have to buy the OS maps to go with it.
      Excellent visibility even in bright sunlight
      Lack of screen protection cf old Oregon 200